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For self-employed persons and companies I start my own business. The establishment of a separate company is the step into the self-employment in the form of a business registration, entry in the commercial register or establishment of a company as a freelancer. In the sixteenth century,  other dictionaries captured only the forms of autonomy, autonomy and so on. Therefore, it was widely believed that independence, independence, etc. were misspelled (and mispronounced). Many founders start their own businesses on a part- time basis.

I’ll start my own business.


You will find answers to many inquiries quickly and without detours on the homepage of the Federal Ministry of Finance. More on the “Homepage of the Ministry of Finance” The New Business Incentives Act  offers tax advantages for start-ups and transfers.

For the claim of tax advantages in the sense of the new Fag certain conditions must be met. more about tax benefits for business start-ups.

Suitable for start-up founders and entrepreneurs

Suitable for start-up founders and entrepreneurs

It is our ambition to accompany you – to become independent and to be. With this we want to further promote independence in the Federal Republic. Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, the self-employed and medium-sized businesses will find here news from the start-up and founders, know-how to start a business, helpful knowledge and advice for the self-employed, a network of consultants for companies, tax and lawyers, attractive discounts for entrepreneurs, our newsletter with free tips and advice and a wide range of ads.

Have fun becoming independent and being!

You start your own business as a dealer? You should note the following

You start your own business as a dealer? You should note the following

Tradespeople are traders who trade on the computer. The public sees the traders either as gamblers or as reputable asset managers. At fairs, they appear inconspicuous; they are predominantly male. Some of them “jumped” without much thought into the deal after trading in their home office.

If you also think about becoming self-employed, the following 9 tips will help you. Traders trade in financial products on the various exchanges. It is differentiated between retailers and institutional traders. Retailers are mainly private individuals who trade on their own.

Institutional traders are credit institutions, mutual funds or insurance companies that use their financial data for trading and thus have many advantages over retailers. The dealer scene in the Federal Republic is quite small, but on the upswing since the American traders discovered the financial center as a lucrative market for themselves. The vast majority of dealers in the Federal Republic work part-time.

But there are also full-time traders who have become self-employed with their trading hobby. Anyone who wants to become self-employed as an entrepreneur must first clarify his personal requirements. Although discipline and seriousness play the same role as any self-employed person, he needs the opportunity to cope with a certain insecurity.

Although selling from the outside seemed like an easy process, the campaign’s success rate is only 40 percentage points. Many trades are basically erroneous, as they are based on coincidences and not on the ability of the trader. Even if the trader can increase his own success rate, erroneous entries are part of his daily business.

It is the job of every entrepreneur who wants to become self-employed as an entrepreneur. Anyone who wants to become self-employed as an entrepreneur must secure his capital base. This also applies to every other entrepreneur, but is particularly relevant for the trade. Each measure is intended to remove the trade surpluses in order to be used to cover operating costs and build up reserves.

If an entrepreneur wants to become self-employed as a trader, he should clarify various tax issues in advance. If the determination of the capital base depends on the knowledge, skills and experience of the trader, the entrepreneur should create a basis before becoming self-employed as a trader. For trading, demo accounts and sample portfolios are available for free.

Thus, the future trader can learn to gauge dangers and understand the leverage of the stock market trading before he gains painful insights with his own capital. Anyone who wants to become self-employed as an entrepreneur needs a business plan, even if he does not have to submit it for a loan. They force the rightful ones to prevent maltreatment; because mistrade inevitably becomes a daily business.

Entrepreneur must be prepared

Entrepreneur must be prepared 

The entrepreneur must be prepared for this if he does not fail in his first year of self-employment as an entrepreneur. Anyone who wants to become self-employed as an entrepreneur needs a trading plan. Answering this question must become a continuous process in order to make the trading plan a dynamic tool. The founder of the company and later also the trader can develop his own risk-benefit profile for his future business with in-depth knowledge of the chart technology from the trading plan.

A trade journal should be kept by the dealer. Together with the trading plan, it is a good basis for evaluating completed deals. It enables the trader to control himself, to do his own business, to discover errors and thereby increase the profit. Therefore, each trader should set a fixed date for the evaluation of the trading journal and trading plan.

Anyone who wants to become self-employed as an entrepreneur needs a profitability forecast because his income is subject to certain fluctuations. In order to obtain a reliable picture of economic developments, the deviations due to fluctuations must be compared with the trade plan and included in the profitability forecast. Most important in the trade is the experience, as the old master Andre Kosolany already knew.

Therefore, the founder, who wants to become self-employed as a dealer, should create his own blog entry on which the like-minded people exchange their experience. Anyone who wants to become self-employed as an entrepreneur enters into a very special form of self-employment. He should then draw up a trading plan, create a trade journal and note the 9 mentioned hints so that he can transform the necessary experience into profit maximization.

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