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Teach Children to Save

Do not wait for your children to grow up to begin modeling their financial habits. Teach children to save from early childhood. Do not forget that children repeat after their parents everything that they see, and your actions today can have a big impact on your children tomorrow when they grow up.

In one of the interesting studies, scientists found out that children whose parents have a debt of 200,000 rubles and more, most of them spend money as soon as they receive it. The study also showed that children whose parents do not save money for emergencies or old age are less inclined to save money.

Kids start modeling finances earlier than you think.


Even very young children perceive financial signals from their parents. According to a study of financial consumer protection, children as young as 3 years old are ready to start learning financial skills and pay attention to actions that lead to success. And when a child enters school, he becomes especially aware of the actions of his parents and begins to absorb his successes and mistakes.

When children grow up to school age, they begin to observe their parents when they make important decisions in family life. They are interested in issues such as paying bills or a list of products to the store.

But many parents do not always find the time to bring solutions to such issues to children in an understandable form. Perhaps they think that their children are too young to understand what is happening. In three or four years, a child can repeat after mom that a toy or some beautiful thing is expensive, but that does not mean that he understands the meaning of the word.

Sooner or later there comes a time when the parent realizes that the child knows something about the world and he learned it not from him. At such moments it is necessary to understand that it is better than you, no one will explain to him about the initial financial rules. When your child asks to buy something at the store, it is much easier to do this than to explain to him why you are refusing him. Besides the fact that you can spoil a child in this way, you also teach him to instantly satisfy his needs.

Teach children to save from preschool age

Teach children to save from preschool age

Already more than one study shows that children should be taught to save before they go to school. You should invent games to strengthen financial knowledge, show that patience will lead to reward and teach yourself to regulate your behavior. When you are in the store with your child, think about what he sees, how you throw your purchases into the basket without hesitation and use junk food every time.

Purchase for yourself to save more money

In some families, when the wife arrives home, “disassembly why and why you bought so much” begins. Watch your actions and explain to the children why you acted anyway. Perhaps this will affect your own behavior. Talk more about the family budget. Explain why you are delaying the purchase for yourself to save more money. Or tell us about the budget that you created for your family and how you will stick to it. It will be useful if you tell your children how you stretched the budget and spent several weeks on 10 000 rubles. In this case, do not forget to talk about specific actions and about the reward that will follow as a result of such savings.

And do not stop talking with your children when they begin to turn into demanding teenagers. According to many studies, adolescents listen more to their peers than to their parents, but the words of family members can still make a lasting impression.

Adolescence is very difficult, both for parents and for adolescents themselves. But controlling and communicating with them will be much easier if you start doing it from an early age.